Monday, April 23, 2018

--> @ Graafikatriennaali jälgedes

Elnara Taidre "Graafikatriennaali jälgedes. In the footprints of  the Tallinn Print Triennial" Tallinna Graafikatriennaal SA 2018

Monday, April 2, 2018

--> produces new work for TAW 18

--> Arrowgroup

Endless Connections

interactive installation

(AV sculptures, sound, light, custom-made electronics, painting)


In any communication the mutual understanding is problematic. Everybody probably has the best intentions but to make one’s thoughts or feelings understandable to other might prove to be complicated.

--> Arrowgroup’s installation offers an opportunity to try out an alternative form of communication that does not need words or any other prior knowledge. Custom made video synthesizers allow users to express and translate emotions through a simple primitive mechanical interface. Two persons at a time can use the maschine to visualize their thoughts through playful interaction.

The environment that is created in a way resembles the interior of a cathedral and exhibition visitors will become part of new technological sacrality by turning the buttons.

--> Arrowgroup is supported by:

 RGB Baltic

TRUMPIT - Your Trump in IT Solutions

--> Arrowgroup's special gratitude: Kaarel Kütas, Taave Tuutma, Lauri Luud, Sandra Jõgeva, Vaiko Viitman, Leho Reiska, Vergo Vernik, Grafodroom, Andra Orn and TAW 18.