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Ville Waali "Tere Eesti!" Keskisuomalainen 12.6.2022, pages 38-39.


Friday, June 10, 2022

--> Border Lines @ Haihatus Art Center

--> Noolegrupp (Triinu Jürves, Villem Jahu)


(installations, objects, videos, photo)

Main gallery house, tower gallery SIILO, outdoor spaces of Haihatus Art Center


Borders to break. Memories to keep and forget. Outlines to keep us on the path.

You pass one checkpoint and another one appears on the horizon.

Bars and barriers to jump or fly over.

This large-scale installation aims to connect different layers of reality and time, creating emotional and visual bridge between indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces of Haihatus Art Center.

You might find references to --> Noolegrupp’s works in previous Estomania festivals mixed together with universal symbols and personal artistic imagery underlining the importance of good faith and belief in magic coincidences in life and art.

Special thanks to:

Haihatus Art Center, Estomania 3 team, Kaarel Kütas, Erik Alalooga, Gennadi Baranov, Pärnu Linnagalerii, Eesti Kultuurkapital, Nordic Culture Point 


Part I -->

First part of the installation in main gallery house of Haihatus Art Center (referencing previous projects (Horizon)Checkpoint 2015, Next Wave 2012, Good Deal 2013, Meaningful Dust 2020, Thread with No Name 2020 and sealt sinna/Let's take the Romantic Way 2021




























--> Part II --> 

Second part of the installation in Haihatus Art Centre outdoor/tower gallery exhibition space (referencing previous projects, Next Wave 2012, Good Deal 2013, Horizon Checkpoint 2015, Meaningful Dust 2020, Thread with no Name 2020)  





























--> Part III

Third part of the installation in outdoor space of Haihatus Art Centre (referencing previous project (Horizon)Checkpoint 2015).










Photos: Triinu Jürves, Mari Kartau

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Art Center Haihatus’ 23rd summer exhibition is an all-summer Estonian-Finnish art festival Estomania. The three part exhibition brings out the best of artist collaboration and open minded approach towards making art.

The exhibition has been called together by artists Johanna Sipilä, Risto Puurunen and Panu Ollikainen who have been active in the Tallinn art scene for many years and made contacts with the Estonian artists.

In June, Haihatus will be conquered by a colorful group of artists from the pearls of the Estonian underground art to Oscar nominees. Summer brings a lot of surprises and artist-driven collaborations. In the polyphonic group exhibition and side events you can experience e.g. sound sculptures by Erik Alalooga, Venice Biennale Estonian Pavilion artist Bita Razavi’s works, conceptual irony of →Noolegrupp, Veiko Õunpuu’s films, Taave Tuutma’s latest absurd creations, performances by Bille Neeve and Mari Aaltonen, Jussi Kivi’s underwater exploration tourism, Steve Vanoni’s spectacular paintings, Katrin Piile’s hyperrealism, Mari Prekup’s eugenic reflections and summer hairstyles designed by Ernest Truely.

Estomania 3 – artists: 

Mari Aaltonen, Erik Alalooga, Art Allmägi, Anders Bergman, Janno Bergmann, Pusa Piret Bergmann, Anonymous Boh, Devil Girl, Jenny Grönholm, Villem Jahu, Tero Jartti & Timo Martikainen, Triinu Jürves, Ville Karel Viirelaid, Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo, Mari Kartau, Raul Keller & Hello Upan, Kinobox Obscura, Juho Pöysti, Jussi Kivi, Toomas Kuusing, Kaarel Kütas, Marass, Bille Neeve, Benjamin Nozdrachev, Non Grata, –> Noole Grupp, Panu Ollikainen, Margret Paide, Mika Palonen, Pentakvark, Katrin Piile, Jyri Pitkänen, Mari Prekup, Silja Saarepuu & Villu Plink, Risto Puurunen, Bita Razavi, Meeland Sepp, Johanna Sipilä, Margus Sorge Tiitsmaa, Ernest Truly, Taave Tuutma, Janne Kalewi Uusiniemi, Steve Vanoni, Vedelik, Voimametsä, Veiko Õunpuu and surprises…





















 The roots of the Estomania trilogy date back to the 1990s, when Estonia’s re-independence created a unique framework for the transformation of Estonian art. The reorganization of the nation is still visible in the cultural atmosphere of our southern neighbor. Breaking away from a strict cultural policy created many opportunities and challenges. In the early 2000s, artists began renovating vacant properties on the terms of their art. An art school (Academia Grata), an art factory (Kultuuritehas Polymer), artists’ houses (Metropol, formerly CnOPT) and various performance spaces were born. The communities had their own artist-driven galleries and festivals. Experimental art and the forces of subcultures were spreading in these spaces without outside pressure. The self-initiated artist’s house communities formed a significant part of Estonian contemporary art, which has also been widely presented around the world. Attracted by the cultural change, artists from all over the world, naturally also from Finland, came to Estonia and especially Tallinn. Several artists in the Estomania 3 exhibition have roots in these artist communities.

The first two Estomania exhibitions were held in 2012 and 2013 in Helsinki based on the need to present something that had not yet been seen on our side of the bay. Artist Johanna Sipilä lived in Tallinn and wanted to celebrate the friendship between the art people of the two countries. Estomania 1 and 2 were created with great joy and enthusiasm, the subjects and the artists were found from outside the institutions, from Tallinn’s backyards, shores, attics, old industrial buildings, from behind a tree, bunkers and ramshackle houses. It was all about the joy of doing things together, the relevance of art, romance, friendship, beauty, rebellion and glamour.

Now this friendship between the art people of the two countries and its new fruits are flourishing in the third coming of Estomania. See you in the summer!

More information:

Risto Puurunen, Haihatus director:

Johanna Sipilä:

Panu Ollikainen:

Exhibition Open Hours: 10.6.2022 – 7.8.2022 Wed-Sun at 11-18 + August weekends Sat-Sun at 11-18. Tickets: 15/10/5 euro.








Wednesday, June 8, 2022

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June 2022, Finland, Joutsa, Haihatus Art Centre and Residency

We thank everyone assisting and helping with the process of preparing the installation -  Haihatus crew and fellow artists of Estomania 3.